En-route Aerodrome Real Time Simulator​

A light weight, real-time platform that supports small and medium scale distributed simulations in the following areas:

The platform simulates En-Route & Approach and Aerodrome operations.


It has all the essential en-route and Tower ATC functionalities and can be easily expanded to integrate more advanced features. 
It can run on a single laptop (standalone mode) or in a distributed environment across an entire network for any kind of medium-scale simulation scenario.
It includes controller working positions and pseudo-pilots working positions.
Its modular design enables easy adjustment of the ATC tools setup according to the needs of the scenario.

En-Route Features


Developed in Kotlin and Java and distributed in a Docker Container for portability​

En-Route Capabilities

  • Flight Data Processor (FDP)
  • Short Term Conflict Advisory (STCA)
  • Medium Term Conflict Detection (MCTD)
  • Monitoring Advisory (MONA)
  • Area Proximity Warning (APW)
  • Tactical Conflict Tool (TCT)
  • Basic Arrival Manager (AMAN)
  • DataLink

Common Capabilities

  • Air capabilities: high fidelity aircraft
  • R/T VoIp system
  • Low cost Out of the Window 3D view, but can be integrated with commercial OTW
  • Interoperability with Cockpit Simulator system using different protocols (DIS/ASTERIX CAT62 standard, and legacy)
  • Record & (interactive) Replay
  • Hybrid mode (used to combine a CWP with Pilot functionality)

Aerodrome Simulator

The airport simulator can replicate three types of controller working environments, Clearance DeliveryGround Movement Control and Tower/Runway Control.

These different roles could be combined in a single position.

Airport Capabilities

Electronic Flight Strips (EFS)

A-SMGCS Route Planning

A-SMGCS Airport Safety Nets for Controllers

Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting (RMCA)

Conflicting ATC Clearances (CATC)

Conformance Monitoring Alerts for Controllers (CMAC)


Use Case: Validation In ASPRID

eARTS will be used as simulation platform to validate the results of ASPRID project.

Validation test will be organized with the collaboration of several stakeholders representative as: Air Traffic Controller, Drone Pilot, Armed Force and Ground Hadler.


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To make requests for information, contact us.

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Per richiedere ulteriori informazioni, contattaci.