OPS! is a cloud platform with the aim of planning and managing the drone surveillance in emergency situations such as: rescue people, fire detection and fighting, natural disasters.

Local authority in charge of monitoring the territory via drones, will be able to plan the mission, assign it to a team, and monitor in real time drone movements.

A national body, delegated to control these missions, will be able to monitor events throughout the territory and will have a summary dashboard of current and past events at its disposal.

Cloud platform for planning, execution and monitoring missions and related operations.

OPS!: Process Flow

Mission Planner

Specific missions can be created from the Operations Center, detailing some parameters such as:

  • Place.
  • Date.
  • Mission Place.
  • Mission description.
  • Team Composition.

Mission Manager

Active missions are monitored from the Operations Center through a special Console, with the aid of a digital map the locations of the operators are displayed as well as contextualized information of the ongoing missions

Planned Capabilities

Interoperability With D-Flight

  • Registration
  • E-Identification
  • GeoAwareness, updating of No-fly zones maps
  • Authorization of drone flight plans (where it is required)

SORA Submission

Contextual Maps

  • No-Fly zones
  • Weather Maps
  • Electromagnetic maps
  • Aircraft tracks in the vicinity (such as FlightRadar24)

Digital Logbook

Members History Of Their Activities

Soul Software is looking for partners who want to contribute to the development of the Drone Rescue OPS platform!

We need Drone Operators willing to provide us with indications, requirements and… field tests!!