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UTM Simulator

Soul Software is developing an UTM Simulator, a platform that will help to validate different UAS traffic for VLL scenarios.

The Cloud infrastructure will enable the collaboration among people working on the same scenario, potentially reducing the preparation of a study, enabling the scalability, optimizing the computational resources used.


Scenario Creator

To create or import map features and terrain info.

UTM System Connector

To create or import ATM constraint zones.

UTM Simulation Planner

Automatic stochastic UAS flight plan generator.

UTM Simulation Engine

Simulates the dynamic of UAS

UAS Traffic Analyser

  • Post processing (number of conflicts, hot spots,…).
  • Produce statistics based on the traffic.

Traffic Visualization

  • 2D Traffic Visualization.
  • 3D Traffic Visualization.

Scenario Creator

The user can create different scenarios, with custom boundaries ranging from single cities to a region.

He can add obstacles, flight rules and mission constraints (parcel delivery, railway survey)

OpenDEM data are used for the elevation info.

Stochastic Flight Planner

Flight Planner​

Stochastic UAS flight plans are generated for each configuration.

Flight plans can be obstacle free, avoiding buildings and no-fly zones.

3D Visualization

3D visualization will show the vertical UAS flight plan profiles and the surrounding obstacles.

UTM Simulator Roadmap

Scenario Creator​
  • Boundaries editing​
  • Buildings editing
UTM System Simulator​
  • Flight rules editing
UTM Simulator Planner​


  • Mission creation & Constraints​
    • Parcel delivery​
    • Railway Survey​
    • Manual Path​
  • Configuration (# uas, mission distribution)​
UTM Simulator Planner​
  • Team Collaboration
UTM Simulator Planner
  • Stochastic UAS Flight
  • Plancreation
  • Obstacle Free Plan
    • Avoid buildings and Not Authorized Zones
  • Flight Plan Filtering
UTM Simulator Planner
  • 2D/3D path visualization
  • UAS Flight Plan export
Scenario Creator
  • Building importing
  • DEM importing
UTM System Simulator
  • Importing UTM constraints
    • Restricted zones
    • Height restrictions
UTM Simulator Planner
  • Mission creation
    • Taxi drones (Corridor)
    • Power Line Survey
    • Medical Supplies And Medicine Delivery
  • 4D Flight Plan creation (with performances)
  • Strategic uas Flight Plan deconflicting
UTM Engine
  • Scenario import
  • Real Time Flight Track generation
  • External System track interface
UTM Engine
  • Weather effects
  • Detect & avoid algorithms
UAS Traffic Analyser

Statistics based on simulation data:

  • # Collisions
  • # Miles flown
  • Traffic density
Traffic Visualization
  • 2D Real Traffic visualization
  • 3D Real traffic visualization
UTM Engine
  • Simulation recording
  • Simulation playback
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To make requests for information, contact us.

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To make requests for information, contact us.

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Per richiedere ulteriori informazioni, contattaci.